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Band Booking Information


Thank you for your interest in playing at the The Den Cafe!

Here are a few things to go over before moving forward:

  • We are a small restaurant / bar within the historic building, Grand Central Art Center. We do have tenants above us. We have a strict mellow/acoustic vibe with no gnarly volumes or drumming to respect our neighbors and all live music ends at 10pm. (music usually starts at 7 or 8 pm)

  • We've been closed in the evenings since the pandemic. We are just now beginning to open up at night. We do not currently have a built in night crowd. That being said, we offer a band tab for food and beverages. We rely on you to promote / share your night- we provide the stage and atmosphere. No one likes to play for an empty room so please keep this in mind and help us build back our night crowd by inviting your friends and family! Band tip jars are always welcome as well as a merch table. If you create a great crowd we can discuss payment for future bookings.

  • There is no sound person. We have a PA system and 2 mics. Our PA system is wireless and a manager will connect you to it but you do need to manage your own sound so please come in a little early to and familiarize yourself with it if you are using our equipment. Our staff is working the floor and aren’t trained sound people. The only thing they may control is the volume if it’s getting too crazy.


If you'd like to book with us please fill out the band booking form to submit a request ❤ 


*(We do not book more than 3 months ahead)



The Den Cafe 

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