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Thank you for your interest in playing at the The Den Cafe, Santa Ana!


Here are a few things to go over before moving forward:


  • We are a small restaurant / bar within the historic building, Grand Central Art Center. We do have tenants above us. We have a strict mellow/acoustic vibe with no gnarly volumes or drumming to respect our neighbors and all live music ends at 10pm. (music usually starts at 8pm)


  • Regarding payment. We aren’t filled to the brims with locals waiting for anyone to play, we are more of a lunch brunch spot. That being said, we can’t pay a ton. We typically pay $20 and feed the band. We rely on you to promote yourselves and bring in a crowd- we provide the stage. No one likes to play for an empty room so please keep this in mind! Band tip jars are always welcome as well as a merch table.


  • There is no sound person. We have a PA system and 2 mics. Our PA system is wireless and a manager will connect you to it but you do need to manage your own sound. Our staff is working the floor and aren’t trained musicians/sound people! The only thing they may control is the volume if it’s getting too crazy.


Alright! If you’re cool with this so far all I need you to do is send Friday or Saturday night availability, length of set and a link to music if you haven’t already. Once that is done we will see if we are right fits and have the dates. Please e-mail this information to:


*(We do not book more than 3 months ahead)



The Den Cafe